10 Travel Oriented Gift Ideas

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We all love receiving meaningful gifts that add some sort of value in our lives. We all also travel at some points in our lives and for that reason, this blog post is for those looking into gifting themselves or others stuff that would help in their travels. I am an aspiring minimalist who is looking into acquiring valuable stuff […]

Historical Sites

The Story of Mnarani Ruins

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Historical sites are a great way for one to go back into the past and relive the history and Mnarani ruins is a great place to start from if you ever find yourself in Kilifi. As a people we need to catch a glimpse of what happened before, so that if we made a mistake in the past, it might […]


The Food Movement

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This is more than just food, more than a restaurant, and this… is a Movement. It is only natural that we gravitate towards places that have beautiful ambiances and offer an experience that we can’t find in other joints and this, this is it guys! I expected to only talk about food in this blog post but guess what? It’s […]


Haller Park

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Let’s talk about parks and the perks of being at Haller Park:-). This is one of the parks that Mombasa boasts in and was recreated from a quarry wasteland. Bamburi cement is the entity that considered restoring it and hired Rene Haller a Swiss naturalist who was tasked with beautifying the area. Haller embarked on the reforestation in the 1970s […]


The Floating Restaurant

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I had heard quite a lot about this restaurant-Moorings and I therefore had written it down in my notebook as one of the places that I had to visit. What makes this place interesting is the fact that it is a floating restaurant at the Mtwapa creek and one enjoys the beautiful waterfront view as they indulge in the assortment […]

Heart to Heart

Welcome to this space!

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Hi there! This is the first blog post on this space and no, it is not about a place or anything that I want to write about. This is more of a welcome post and an introduction of what you should expect going forward. Expect posts on places I travel to, historical sites, hotels and where to eat, events, recreational […]