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Welcome to this space!

Hi there!

This is the first blog post on this space and no, it is not about a place or anything that I want to write about. This is more of a welcome post and an introduction of what you should expect going forward. Expect posts on places I travel to, historical sites, hotels and where to eat, events, recreational centers, art, people’s lifestyle, cultures and much more.It is a whole mash up for sure but definitely rooting from travel.

Why start this blog? I am passionate about travel and finding new spaces. Another thing, I want to be able to visit a certain place or have an experience in the most affordable way if not cheap and share with you so that you can also have such an experience or visit such a place affordably. I say affordable or cheap because I am big on having fun on a small budget.

I pray I get great, interesting and useful content that resonates well with you as a reader and inspires you to try travelling or visiting those areas near you that you didn’t think were so awesome.

So, cheers to knowing more of this wonderful country of ours and even beyond!


Carol Kuyo.

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