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Let’s talk about parks and the perks of being at Haller Park:-). This is one of the parks that Mombasa boasts in and was recreated from a quarry wasteland. Bamburi cement is the entity that considered restoring it and hired Rene Haller a Swiss naturalist who was tasked with beautifying the area. Haller embarked on the reforestation in the 1970s and it was opened to the public in 1984 and in 1999, it was renamed to Haller Park from Bamburi Nature trail. The attractions in the park include a snake park, fish farm, crocodile farm, tortoises, hippos, buffalos, birds, mangrove palms and majestic indigenous shade trees among many others that exist in the whole ecosystem.

The park is located along the Mombasa- Malindi road, near City Mall and you can easily access it using Google maps. You can drive, uber or if you are coming from town, take the Mtwapa matatus and say you are alighting at Haller Park- shouldn’t cost more than kshs. 70. You can use the front or the rear gate to get in, any gate that you’ll choose is okay.
Here are the charges for entering the park.

These charges cover for everything within the park and you can have a guide (still covered within the charges you would have paid at the gate) as a group especially when there are several visitors.

I would highly recommend you visit on a weekday where there are less people as compared to the weekend where it gets very crowded.

The last time I was in Haller Park, I was in Primary School (over 10 years ago) and was only interested in seeing the famous Owen- a hippo and Mzee- a tortoise who were close friends. Fast forward to 2020, I was interested in just enjoying the ambience that Haller Park had to offer and seeing the animals feeding. I didn’t see the two close friends and I don’t know why I didn’t ask where they were. I also didn’t see the reptiles particularly the snakes because I wasn’t too interested in seeing them, I have a great fear for snakes.


We (with Azeb -talked about her in the last blog post on Moorings “Right here”) got to Haller Park at around 2:30pm and we got to walk around seeing the crocodiles, the birds, indigenous trees and just nature in general. At 3:00pm we went to feed giraffes where you buy a bag of pellets at kshs. 50 to feed them with. Later on we went for a short walk within the trails(which we really didn’t pay for psst) and then went to see hippos feeding at 4:00 pm.

Viewing all these I can say is therapeutic as you see the animals in their full glory! Please note that mosquitoes exist in the park and we didn’t walk out unscathed in fact, we were itching and it wasn’t so good of an experience. Thus, carry a mosquito repellant or something.

Buffalos but they don’t look so buffed up:)
Can you see the hippos in the water?
Hip hip!Hurray!Harmonious feeding.

There you have it! A visual and mental trip to Haller Park; I hope you will visit the park in the near future:). I would highly recommend you to try out the place with a friend, loved one or even as a family!

Love and light!

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