The Food Movement

This is more than just food, more than a restaurant, and this… is a Movement. It is only natural that we gravitate towards places that have beautiful ambiances and offer an experience that we can’t find in other joints and this, this is it guys! I expected to only talk about food in this blog post but guess what? It’s going to be an article full of art stuff, food and hopefully, I will clearly articulate my thoughts.

Signals that you’re almost there.

A gem hidden within the vast Kilifi plantations which I found out about after Google searching for places to eat at in Kilifi and it was one of the recommendations that was highly rated. Warren Wilson, the owner, offered to treat me to some of their dishes after I told him my intent of scouting for places to write on in Kilifi.

When we talk of ambiance😉

He emphasized on not intending for the space to be a restaurant, but rather an art place for building community and building a co-working space for artists which makes this place more than just food and a restaurant and hence gives you an experience that’ll forever remain etched in your mind.

I met the dream team made up of not less than 5 staff who were so friendly and warm and are able to build different food combinations in the kitchen. The place is known as a high end kibanda because of its rustic nature and how it has some foods which can be found at a kibanda (local joint) e.g beans, greens, rice, cabbage, pilau and other local dishes and at the same time you can find classics that can be found at higher end joints e.g tacos, poached eggs etc.

The history
Here is a little backstory of the space. The whole space used to be an old chicken farm which went defunct and stopped working. About two years ago two businesses were looking for a place to bring in their workshop; 4 shore “Click here” to find them on Instagram and Duka “Click here” to find them on Instagram too which are ethical fashion labels. Warren came along and set up a place to sell food since there was an audience at that time-about 24 people working with both labels but it took a while for word to get out there because it’s a place that is pretty out of the way. It took about a year for the place to catch on.

This is like a giant laboratory since they really do experiment with the food and have mastered the culinary art of fusing different foods and having artistic and colorful representations of the dishes. They don’t work with a menu and thus it changes after about two days depending on the mood and what is available at a particular time. One day they get prawns and they work around that another day they get a pig and pork would be on the menu.

The Food
Let’s talk about my experience with the food and my oh my! I had an explosion of taste because whatever I dug into for the first time which was mahamri stuffed with salad and avocado was an out of the box kind of normal snack. The freshly squeezed passion juice complimented it very well too.

Looks normal until you bite in

The next meal was interesting in how it was tiered and when I picked the top tier to dig in, it literally toppled and did like a somersault. I nevertheless carried on. At this point, you should know that my taste buds were having a blast and my heart got excited because of the avocado topping.

The third meal I found quite spectacular with the presentation and taste- Tuna crunch with avocado, pickled onion and wasabi mayonnaise. It was a completely new taste to me mainly due to the tuna. I nevertheless gobbled it down after squeezing some lime over the tuna for some savory taste and maaaaaan, food is an experience on it’s own hands down;I appreciated the new taste on my taste buds.

I went to the hammock to have an on and off afternoon siesta after eating the three meals and I felt like I have to take a breather. Note that monkeys may appear out of nowhere Ha! Ha! Ha! But fear not for they are not as destructive as those baboons at Nairobi National Park who grab anything edible from you, literally!

The fourth meal was the amazing prawn taco and these guys mean business with bringing out the authenticity and creativity in the taste of food. I loved how fresh everything was from the salad to the prawns which helped in bringing out the taste beautifully. Perfection!

Kindly check out the Instagram account of The Food Movement by clicking “here” and find the names of the foods above because I forgot some of them (shame) and also find a whole range of recipes and the food they make too, oh! and Mr.Warren’s face ;).

Artists found at The Food Movement

  • Fine art painter, David who does portraits.
  • Luisa who is a cloth designer and runs Hamaji The Nomad (Find them “here” on Instagram-the feed is breathtaking)
  • A company called Safari seats by Ken and Yego. They make wheelchairs which are able to handle the rough terrain of Kenya and also make glasses out of wine bottles which costs kshs. 500. They source materials locally and the design they use is available online and is accessible to everyone who wants to build the wheelchair. It costs kshs. 30,000 while the mainstream one kshs. 300,000. The workshop is really cool and if you need something done, you can hit him them up. They also carry out different workshops so as to impart the locals too; they once did one dubbed Art Kijiji Workshop in February 2020 for like a week and which was free. They were planning for a sand blasting workshop which was set to happen the next day.

  • There is a local shop under Warren which has a mural at the door done by a lady from America. They sell honey, marmalade, chili and other original delicacies and wines. There is a section where there are baskets and bags done by Hadithi crafts wear which is a women empowerment group located in Voi.

  • 4shore who did the main mural and also have a studio within.
  • Warren is also an artist who loves cooking and trying out different recipes….a food artist.
  • Francisca who has a studio where she makes big architectural art installations which are like 5 to 6 metres high added to mixed medium, metals, boards etc. and has done a few pieces for festivals and even privately for people. She is currently building her own product range too.

Things to note
Opening times: They open from Monday to Saturday from 8:00am -4:00pm
Price range: Kshs. 250-900
Transport: Bodaboda, Tuktuk (matatus barely get into the plantation). A bodaboda from the Kilifi plantation gate to the spot cost me kshs. 70.You can also use your private vehicle.

Thank you for getting here! Adios!

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