4 Photo Editing Apps To Try Out

I love editing photos on the go. Snap, edit and post! At some point Adobe Photoshop couldn’t work on my laptop and I had to move to Instagram filters. I later tossed Instagram edits and filters away when I discovered better ways to edit my photos.

My editing game changed when I came across Adobe Lightroom since I didn’t know Adobe had an app that you can use on phone as compared to the software you use on the laptop. I therefore  used that for a while and later  moved to Snapseed.

Long story short, I want to simplify this for someone looking to try out a new editing app for their photos. Here is a list of the 4 top free apps I would totally go with.

1. Snapseed

This is the number one app that I would totally recommend because of the many features that it has which are absolutely free to use e.g the healing brush. I rarely post a photo on my Instagram without it going through snapseed and furthermore, all the photos in this blog have passed through snapseed!

2. Adobe Lightroom

This is another awesome app that is almost similar to Snapseed except for the fact that it is has some features that you have to buy; that is where a premium comes in. I particularly am not very impressed with how I can’t use the healing brush to remove unwanted objects in a photo. Otherwise , it is a great app that you should try out even if it is once in your lifetime.

 3. VSCO

This one is an app for filters really which in other terms are presets and you can also edit images from scratch. I am not so much of a big fan of the presets honestly(maybe because I don’t know how to use them properly lol).

 4. Canva

This one is not a photo editor as such but an app that lets you add some oomph to your images. You can get the app or you can access the website and edit your photos on it (you need internet for both mediums). You are able to create thousands of designs and graphics of whatever thing you want e.g posters, instagram posts and stories, media kits, presentations etc. If you want to try it out use this link “click here” so that we both get a premium element for free ;).

Thank you for getting to this point and these 4 apps are what I can totally vouch for in making your photos glow up from 0 to 100! Happy editing!

Article edited by Nova Waithaka.

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