10 Travel Oriented Gift Ideas

We all love receiving meaningful gifts that add some sort of value in our lives. We all also travel at some points in our lives and for that reason, this blog post is for those looking into gifting themselves or others stuff that would help in their travels.

I am an aspiring minimalist who is looking into acquiring valuable stuff and not just buying because I want to. As such, this list will try as much as possible to include gifts of legit value. I will also try to include Made in Kenya brands.

1. Travel Bag

This is very essential for any type of traveller and it can range from a duffle bag, backpack, toiletry bag, fanny pack, tote bag and any other that can prove useful in travelling. Don’t forget about a passport holder or a purse.

2. Headphones

Who doesn’t love some good headphones? There is the normal headphones and the noise cancelling headphones-You can get both:) The noise cancelling headphones do exactly as the name suggests and help when you want to block out noise from the immediate environment.

3. Travel Neck Pillow

Avoid the weird neck pain and cramps after a long bus ride or even a flight by getting yourself or a loved one a neck pillow.

4. Power Bank

If you love snapping photos, being online, reading on your phone, making calls and doing all manner of things on your phone, by now you know having a power bank is important. As you get one, ensure you know the specs to look out for.

5. Water Bottle

Stay hydrated! You need a constant supply of water when you are always on the move…even when rested! Having that one bottle shows your commitment to getting that water lol!

6. A Notebook

I am a huge believer that everyone should have a notebook to note down a thing or two. Note down some important phone numbers and an itinerary or something.

7. A Polaroid Camera or A DSLR

A polaroid camera prints photos right after they are taken while y’all know what a dslr is, right? It’s a camera hehehe. Yes, you can just be in the moment but also, you have the option of freezing time by taking a shot! Get you or someone a camera and I know you won’t regret it…unless it gets stolen of course-God forbid!

8. An Umbrella

Most days are sunny but hey, don’t only save up for rainy days but buy an umbrella for them too! Having a small portable umbrella that doesn’t take up space in your bag is really smart if you ask me.

9. Beauty Products

Beauty does not only mean makeup but it can also be essential oils, sunscreen, after shave for men among other products.

10. A Good Pair Of Shades

We need shades for sunny days and if one wears spectacles, you can get the ones you can clip on top of the spects.


If you will be in a group travel (which someone might find themselves in), get some board games such as chess which doubles up as drought, monopoly and a Bluetooth speaker for dance sessions or flash mobs:)

Thank you for getting here and I hope that we will purpose to gift ourselves and others these travel oriented gifts!


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