Ludwig Krapf Memorial

This is one of the less known attraction sites in Kenya that is located in Mkomani, Mombasa. It includes a graveyard and a Ludwig Krapf monument.

One can opt to Uber or use private car or Public transport. Just tell whoever is taking you to the site that it is like 150 metres before you get to English Point Marina Hotel. The graveyard and the monument are directly opposite each other and just divided by the road.

Stairs to the monument.

You may be wondering, why have a monument for such a man. Well, here is the man who was a renowned missionary, explorer and scholar who was born in Germany in 1810 and later went to Ethiopia under the direction of Church Missionary Society (CMS) to learn Arabic and Amharic in 1837. Here is regarded as the first missionary to introduce Christianity in Kenya, building a church in Rabai. He is also said to have translated the dictionary and the book of Genesis to Swahili.

The lush garden at the monument.

He later got married to Rosine Dietrich in 1842 a missionary too and she gave birth to a girl who died the next day. In the same year, she gave birth to a girl too who unfortunately died a few days later and the wife also died in the same year. It is believed that the wife and the children succumbed to malaria. The graves of Dr Krapf’s first wife, Rosine, and their second daughter are located opposite the monument, just across the road. I was informed by someone I found at the site that one grave was an associate of theirs while two of them were of the kids and one for wife.

Inscribed on one of the stones on the memorial pillar is: “To the Glory of God and in the memory of Dr and Mrs Johann Ludwig Krapf.” He died in 1881 in Germany at the age of 71, “Like Dr Livingstone, he died on his knees at prayer on November 26, 1881,” a statement on the pillar reads.

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